Loveland, CO United States

Big Beat Studios
Genres:Easy Listening, Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Techno, Electronic - Lounge/Chillout, Electronic - House/Dance/Progressive, Electronic - Electro, Electronic - Drum-n-Bass/Jungle, Electronic - Ambient, Jazz - Bebop/Traditional, Specialty - Soundtrack Alternatives, Specialty - HumanDrama/Emotions, Specialty - Cinematic, World - Other, World - Ethnic Electronica, World - Asian - North Pacific
Bio: Big Beat Muzic and its subsidiaries specialize in licensing royalty free music, both vocal & non-vocal in many different musical styles for the use in TV/Film, DVD/VIDEO, WEB-STREAM & other media formats worldwide.

We are a one-stop service company offering full license deals (Master, Publishing & Synch) for individual tracks, compilations, custom production, radio covers, song remixes and further international licensing of our producers, artists and Label partners.
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