Van Nuys, CA United States

Novi Novog (viola) and Larry Tuttle (Chapman Stick)
Bio: Think Bela Fleck meets Prokofiev meets Esquivel - light-hearted instrumental fusion with a touch of classical around the edges. STRING PLANET is two lifelong string players, Novi Novog on viola and Larry Tuttle on Chapman Stick, playing an energetic and beautiful fusion. It’s “world music from another world” – virtuosic, exciting, slightly twisted and strangely fun.

Larry and Novi met playing in the band FREEWAY PHILHARMONIC. With that group they released four albums and toured all over North America, performing together for fifteen years. STRING PLANET is the next step in that evolution.

As a session musician, Novi has a long list of studio credits including the famous solo on The Doobie Brothers' "Black Water" and appearances on Prince's "Purple Rain" and "Raspberry Beret." She also has performed on recordings by Cher, James Taylor, Madonna, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Neil Diamond, Kenny Loggins, Ray Charles, Julio Iglesias, Shawn Colvin and about a billion others. She is known for her beautiful tone, playful spirit and exquisite musical sense, honed over a lifetime spent with the viola.

In 1984 bassist Larry Tuttle discovered the Chapman Stick and everything in his musical life changed. In the Stick, he found a whole new world of sound and color. Listeners are treated to a musical experience that they’ve never had before, performed on a novel instrument that they have probably never heard of or seen. The range, beauty and fullness of sound that come from Larry’s Chapman Stick are the perfect complement to Novi’s viola.

The two have been performing together since 1986. They have a level of interplay and musical dialog that can only come from years of playing with one another. Pop meets classical meets beauty meets energy. STRING PLANET.

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