The Orion Experience

Jersey City, NJ United States

Genres:Disco, Reggae/Dub, Ska, Electronic - Pop, Pop - Teen, Pop Rock, Pop - Electronic, Alternative Pop, Specialty - Underscores, Specialty - Sports, Production - Rock, Rock - Vintage Rock/Pop, Rock - Punk/Pop-Punk , Production - Rock, Rock - Pop Rock, Rock - New Wave, Rock - Indie Rock, Rock - Hard Rock/Classic, Rock - Alternative Pop
Bio: If you tuned in to the radio, turned on the television or dropped into your nearest music venue sometime in the last year, chances are you found your toes tapping and your head bopping to the sweet pop grooves of New York’s The Orion Experience. If not, may we recommend a mover to hoist you out of that rock you’ve been living under?

In the year since The Orion Experience burst onto the scene with wild, energetic abandon, the band has gotten major spins on stations like Indie 103 (DJ Mark Sovel), Q104.3 (Jonathan Clark’s “Out of the Box”), K-ROQ (Rodney Bingenhiemer’s “Rodney on the ROQ”), and their songs have soundtracked pivotal scenes on shows like A&E’s “Rollergirls” (“Obsessed with You”) and NBC’s “Windfall” (“There’s No Love in February”). When not plotting airwave domination, the band trekked across the country, playing high-profile shows in Los Angeles and solidifying their position as fixtures on the downtown NYC music scene.

As a band, they’ve been an unstoppable pop force. As individuals, they’re taking over the entire entertainment industry. Guitarist Eric Paparazzi strapped on a bass for Cat Power’s winter tour, while drummer Marcus Farrar and bassist Kareem Lamar wished rap fans happy holidays with guest spots on Jim Jones’ Christmas album. Singer, keyboardist, and female force Linda Horwatt showed off her acting chops in an indie flick shot square in the middle of the California desert. Oh, and in their spare time, they managed to lay down tracks for the high-energy, dance-floor ready, album Cosmicandy.

“For this album, I challenged myself to break out of the indie-rock, mid-tempo box by backing each track with the kind of four-on-the-floor dance beats that make you want to move,” said the band’s namesake frontman, and former Kitty in the Tree lead singer, Orion Simprini.

The songwriter achieved his goal and then some, with songs like album opener “The Queen of White Lies,” which achieves Simiprini’s goal of being undeniably danceable. The track, which was “inspired by a girl who claimed she was a witch and said she was going to make me a magic amulet but disappeared,” kicks off Cosmicandy with a dark ‘60s pop vibe and a spacey synth.

“The Cult of Dionysus,” is led by beats that build to a glorious climax at the chorus, and is peppered with an‘80’s rock-worthy guitar solo and “ooh ooh” harmonies. With its hedonistic chorus “I’m feeling devious / You’re looking glamorous / Let’s get mischievous / And polyamorous,” “Dionysus” keeps the dance floor decadence going.

“I Love the Stars” completes a trilogy of songs about one particular woman (along with “No Love in February” and “Obsessed with You.”) “I met this girl and asked her if she spoke French,” recalled Simprini. “She said she knew one phrase: J’adore les etoiles. I thought that was the most beautiful thing ever. This song is about the idea that if the universe is infinite, then there are infinite possibilities that she and I are together.”

Veering away from the romantic balladry is the Horwatt-led track “Sexy Dynamite.” Infused with a ska vibe and innumerable references to “things that are dangerous but fascinating,” as Orion explains, the track oozes sultry energy.

Orion Experience fans will, of course, thrill to find the band’s most popular tracks like “Adrianne,” “Obsessed with You,” “No Love in February,” and a handful of others make appearances on Cosmicandy, but both new and old admirers will find their heads frantically bopping, and their legs dancing with wild abandon as the band takes their music to the stage.

Joined by Sharif “Reef” Fanous (Billionaire Boys Club) on guitar, John Webber (Johnny Lives) on drums, the Orion Experience will once again take the country by storm as they hit the road in support of Cosmicandy. Are you ready for a sugar rush?
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